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The Online Learning Revolution

The future of learning

There has been a mixed response to the rapid move to online learning but there is significant evidence that points how well the new learning system has positively impacted the students.

There are some who have concerns about the unplanned and rapid move to online learning – with no training, insufficient bandwidth, and little preparation. While they believe that it would all just result in a poor user experience that will hinder long term growth, the others believe that this new hybrid model of education that has emerged, has significant benefits.

The new online classrooms have proved to be quite effective. Research suggests that learners, on average, can retain 25-60% more information while learning online as opposed to 8-10% in physical face-to-face sessions.

In addition, this new concept of e-learning is 40-46% less time absorbing than the conventional classrooms as students can leverage the nature of learning at their own pace. It allows learners to access recorded material, go back and re-read, skip and even accelerate their learnings as per their need.

Educators believe that infusing technology in education has already shaped the new normal and will continue to be an integral part of the education system.

Let’s look at factors that make online learning the future of Education!

Online Learning: The Future Of Education

The conventional teaching system focused on traditional academic skills such as solving equations, learning to code, etc. — skills that are going to become obsolete in a world where machines have already started taking over human activities. It is soon going to be a world full of machines with a more reliable and quick solution to all the problems.

 The new education system focuses on skills such as critical thinking and adaptability, which will actually be shaping the future and are important for success in the future. Apart from that, Online learning has certain advantages that make it a viable long term option for students as well as teachers.

Below are some reasons why educators believe that Online Learning is the future of education: 

  1. Online Learning is all about Flexibility

 Online education gives the freedom to both the educators and the learners to teach and learn at their own pace, with the added benefit of being able to create a schedule that works for everyone. It also gives the flexibility to manage a work-study balance, so that no individual ever needs to give up on anything.

 Looking at the current scenario wherein everyone is busy indulging in various activities, online learning is going to be that medium that is going to let people explore and keep up without giving anything up.

  1. Online Learning Gives the Freedom to Choose

 Who doesn’t like the idea of getting to choose the program they wish to learn?

 Yes, not only does online learning give the freedom to be flexible with the pace of the learning but it also gives the freedom to the learners to choose from a whole lot of options available to them.

 Online certification is the new trend taking over. Major universities and schools are rolling out online versions of their programs for students to access from all over the world. Online learning is a great way to earn an official certificate, diploma, or degree without having to visit a university campus which is becoming extremely popular lately.

  1. Online Learning is Cost-effective and Accessible

 With this new model comes the new payment methods for the programs. Usually, this cost-effective concept allows for payments in instalments, offers various discounts and scholarships, and are relatively low priced as opposed to the in-person educational model. It allows for a better budget management model both for the educators as well as learners as they both can save on the expenses on the commute and the infrastructural investment. It’s an affordable option for both.

 In addition, the virtual classroom is also accessible from any place with an internet connection. It does not hinder the regular activities the individuals may be indulged in. For example, it lets students take the classes even when they’re travelling or working. One does not need to give up on anything. 

  1.   Online Learning Enables a Personalized Learning Experience

 We’ve already discussed how flexibility might assist you in setting your own study pace. Online education, on the other hand, is adaptable to the needs and abilities of each student. 

 Classroom learning has been for a long time ignorant about student’s individual requirements and level of ability to grasp concepts. This new concept takes care of that as learners have the option to access a wide range of materials online, including videos, photographs, and eBooks, and educators also make use of this model to use other formats, such as forums or conversations, to enrich their teaching. All these added benefits of online learning provide a more dynamic and tailored education experience.

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